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"Blue's Wall" by Joe Jenett
"Blue's Wall" by Joe Jenett
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Search results for: cool
  • Elaine 10/7/07 
    Description: pictures of everyday surroundings
    Comments: "Photography has always been attractive to me but I am really starting from scratch as I hadn't touched anything else than a small compact digital camera since 1982..." Living in Paris, Elaine has been out to capture the everyday in pictures since launching the photoblog at the beginning of the year. Look – another spiral to add to the collection, not to mention great shots of a one-man band and a beautiful blur...;~)) 
  • somerandomshots 10/4/07 
    Description: a random photoblog
    Comments: I like random. As in random cool for example (hope it lands you somewhere delightful). Or, as is the case for today's pick, random shots – might I suggest you use the Random link on the menu – it just might lead to something delightful... again and again.
  • Tobias Battenberg 9/2/07 
    Description: experimental typography and design projects
    Comments: Tobias' Akzidenz Grotesk project is what I consider to be the main attraction here, though his other design and typography-related works are cool too. Projecting characters of an old typeface onto urban surfaces is what it's about and the series of images is also downloadable as PDF file – unique... 
  • One Stone Eye 8/7/07 
    Description: photography by Stephen Blackstone
    Comments: Many of Stephen's photos feature frogs, snakes, and turtles, but the cute critters (cute to me, anyway) are just one element of the unusual subject matter in any given shot. Spectacles, old keys, and feathers are among the other objects you'll also find in Stephen's incredible photo compositions. Definitely filed under cool creativity... 
  • The Whitezone 5/28/07 
    Description: the lab of the weblog 'Central Scrutinizer'
    Comments: Marco, who happens to have another site previously reviewed here, says The Whitezone exists to "collect the experiments made" in his Central Scrutinizer weblog. Besides some amusing material and cool scripting experiments, both the lab and the blog (just like that other site) sport really cool designs – impressive!
  • vivaUltra 3/12/07 
    Description: illustration (+phhootos)
    Comments: There's a few humans among Fulvio's odd, primitive creatures – a beautiful collection of imaginative artworks. And the phhootos are a big bonus, including some cool concert pics and other glimpses of Fulvio's life. Fun...
  • Dave's Web Of Lies 2/27/07 
    Description: trawling the world's information nets seeking out falsehoods
    Comments: "How much of what you read can you trust?" One of the Stars of the Month at Ample Sanity, today's pick is "seeking out falsehoods" and shares a new lie daily. There's over 4,000 lies in the searchable/browsable database, but I like random approach myself. "If you were to lay all the chickens in the world end to end they would stretch to the sun and back...........twice." Wait a minute! I thought that was true. "George Bush is actually an undercover Greenpeace member trying to infiltrate the government." No comment. Have fun...;~))
  • Sleepy Urbanite 2/21/07 
    Description: cell phone art
    Comments: "This project was born from the desire to create art on the fly... the beautiful uniqueness of the everyday." When she's not singing with The Locals (and rather well, thank you) or working that day job, she's out and about armed with just a cell phone camera. Done at home in Chicago on the CTA train, her Sleepy Urbanite project captured some media attention recently. "People are dreaming all around you on the train..." And when that attention took her to New York City for a day, she naturally rode their trains too, capturing sleeping New Yorkers. There's other series too, "paying freakishly close attention to the everydayness." Cool cell phone art on the fly. 
  • 5ft10™ 1/26/07 
    Description: photos, living in London (Flash)
    Comments: Paul Richardson, originally from New Zealand, arrived in London just about a year ago and the site presents a dozen photoseries done since then. His most recent views from walking home is a series of night shots along the Thames – very nice! I also enjoyed his shots of some rather well-known faces, taken in a famous wax museum. There's also several series taken in Paris, plus a bonus link today, Paul's old web playground from back home with even more cool photos...  [Newstoday® PBS]
  • Urban Projection 1/9/07 
    Description: art projected in public spaces
    Comments: "The aim was to be as mobile as possible and not to spend too much money." Armed with a laptop, video projector, and power generator, this new breed of street artist looks for just the right wall. No foul, no damage – moving pictures as streetart, "similar to a performance" and "only shown at the actual moment of projection." How cool is that!
  • altere9o 11/7/06 
    Description: a showcase of art and design projects (Flash)
    Comments: Arachne, a movie done while studying broadcast design – a cool combo of images and typography telling a story from Greek mythology:
    once as poets tell
    a goddess at her art defied
    the daring mortal fell
    the hapless victim of her pride
    I also liked another animation, anti-war. In total, there's about a dozen art and design works in Christy Kim's showcase, including my favorite, a winning image called boxes...;~))
  • Detour 8/5/06 
    Description: photos and the stories behind them
    Comments: A claims to have coined a new word for photoblogPhlog™. "To share or show-off, I'm never sure." Besides cool street-art and colorful glimpses of people, the other assorted goodies found on this particular phlog™ are all-in-all very good. And I also like the way he shares the stories behind each shot in its expandable details panel. Choose light or dark background color and enjoy!
  • [F] 7/25/06 
    Description: experimental bytes plus photos (Flash)
    Comments: "You think of being a dancecommander too? Just let us know!! We only need a short videoclip of your mad, unbelievable dancing skills and some information about yourself..." Evidentally, when !BrainbuG! put the message out, several recruits were ready to "join the army" as dancecommanders and the result is a bit of interactive fun. Found that in his news, then went on to his big collection of other experimentelle bytes, various visual works and Flash animations – some very cool diversions. I like the section of photos too. And if you don't care for the soundtrack, a little exploration with your mouse should help you discover how to change it. [F]lab is a good thing...;~)) 
  • Lisa Selby 7/8/06 
    Description: works of London-based figurative artist Lisa Selby
    Comments: Lisa's oil paintings greet you as you enter the site. There's over a dozen of them and all very good in my opinion. But do check out her photos and daily doodles before you leave. Cool creativity...  [pixelsurgeon]
  • 6/13/06 
    Description: experiments in Flash
    Comments: Each worm painting you generate will be a uniquely organic piece of art. Or just sit back and watch it get more and more elaborate on its own. This amazing work is one of 4 interactive Flash experiments from a self-proclaimed fladdict. All very cool! 
  • nfctd 5/8/06 
    Description: interactive collage animation (Flash)
    Comments: Today's pick will take a little patience on your part, but if you like collage and motion and you're curious enough to explore each phase of the animation with your mouse, you'll be pleasantly rewarded. Cool soundtrack too... 
  • marc steinhausen 4/3/06 
    Description: photography galleries
    Comments: Marc announced his dailyberlin blog, which also led me to another of his projects, Steamhouse. Each of those sites is cool on its own, but Marc's main site has over 2 dozen mini-galleries, each with its own slideshow (which you can control). After viewing the ahoi grouping and the street gallery, it was clear to me this was the perfect starting point to all his tasty visual content, captured with an assortment of cameras.
  • The Visual Dictionary 3/11/06 
    Description: a visual exploration of words in the real world
    Comments: "I have no idea why I keep making work for myself like this.." said Webponce when he set out to create this "nice little corner of the internet" back in October. "I think it's to put off doing real work, but it keeps me off the streets to say the least." His real name is Matthew Knight and the idea behind the site is to "find some great shots of typography, signage, graffiti, number plates, tattoos, who knows?" There's words everywhere and the site recently hit the 500 images mark. Matthew says it all "should be visually stimulating and interesting" and envisions how the database of word pictures might be used in various applications. I'll just add that it's fun (and downright cool). 
  • 3/3/06 
    Description: home for dance videos created in the touring 'move-me' video booth (Flash)
    Comments: It looks like a old-time photobooth but the move-me booth is equipped for video instead. It's periodically moved to different venues and intended to provide "a unique opportunity for anyone to experience being a performer working with some of the world's most exciting dance-makers and to have their work seen on the world wide web." The user selects a choreographer, receives a few pointers, and then records their own 2-minute dance video. "Make it a performance. Surprise, delight and intrigue us." The site is the place to view the dances and though there seems to be a big problem with the volume, which hopefully will be corrected soon (for now, you'll have to crank it up to hear it), the assortment of spontaneous performances is most amusing. Cool concept. Have fun...  [RES72]
  • Joe Cunningham's Photo Journal 3/2/06 
    Description: personal photo journal based in Minnesota
    Comments: Two similar photos, one Joe's most recent and the other, taken about a month ago – both very cool shots thanks to the new camera, which Joe says was like "getting a guitar once owned by Clapton." The universe answered Joe's request for an upgrade. Other shots like Three in flight and Into the sun, feel to me as if the universe was answering my request for something a little different today. Besides the photo journal and its glimpses into Joe's life (tell Lori I like Zeppelin too), there's also several series among his Projects that simply rock...;~))  [The Regulars]
  • solaas 2/12/06 
    Description: interactive explorations in Flash and Java
    Comments: Leonardo's first Flash project, done in 2003, was intended "to play with simple forms and sounds to represent scenes with a minimum of elements." Road Play is simple but very cool in my opinion – an interesting precursor to more complex things to come. Like Dreamlines, a Java project done last April, where your choice of dream subject keywords provides an interactive visual experience. And on the fun side, be sure to check out the Orifice suite of 'applications' – the "abnormal cousins of a paint program and a word processor" – unpredictable and most amusing...;~))
  • HEL LOOKS 1/16/06 
    Description: street fashion photos taken in the streets and clubs of Helsinki
    Comments: Liisa and Sampo call it a hobby project. They like "fashion, clothing, young people and photography" and with permission, take photos of people on the street and in clubs around Helsinki to "document Finnish looks." Along with each photo are comments made by the photo subject regarding their tastes in fashion and style. The duo behind the project say they "we want to encourage people to dress individually and create their own styles" and among the entries are many interesting individuals indeed – cool concept! 
  • New York City Walk 1/11/06 
    Description: images and commentary from a 2-1/2 year project, walking every street on the island of Manhattan
    Comments: "The biggest celebrity in New York City is New York itself." After living there for a few years, Caleb came across a building "off the beaten path" and realized that what one sees on the "heavily-travelled Avenues" of Manhattan is a small part of the real picture – there were secrets to be discovered on those smaller streets and he decided to "explore them systematically." Well. By the time Caleb was done, 2-1/2 years later, he had walked every street in Manhattan – all 700 miles of 'em! Amazing determination to have pulled that off – cheers to Caleb for the accomplishment and for documenting it so well in photos and commentary on the website. Now we're talkin' cool...;~))  [what about the plastic animals? < Disarranging Mine]
  • projecttree 12/31/05 
    Description: photography, web development tutorials, and other projects
    Comments: "Primary reason for the making of this site was a desire for a meaningful web presence." I've encountered Mike's web articles several times recently, linked from sites I follow regularly. He provides an assortment of development-related tutorials "missing or inadequately covered elsewhere." Topics include XHTML and CSS and Javascript and the site's a fine example of super clean design and functionality in may opinion – "passed validation" is no surprise. His interest in web development in just part of the equation. "Photography trains a keen eye that listens to the environment and recognizes the elegance in the surroundings." I love his photos! In the albums, check out Color & Light before enjoying collections of shots from 5 different countries. And if taking in music at clubs is your thing, Mike's in New York and carries his camera with him when he goes out (yummy). Speaking of clubbing, I'm tickled Mike announced his newest project (pretty cool in itself) 'cause it prompted me to further explore projecttree – and here we are...;~))
  • International Corporation of Lost Structures 11/7/05 
    Description: still trying to connect you to our 9th-dimensional architectural space
    Comments: "ICOLS loves you." In all the years I've been doing this coolstop thing, I don't think I've ever worked so hard (and enjoyed it so much) trying to come up with a simple description for today's pick. After about 2 hours exploring countless pages, I finally settled for something said in a truly amusing .mp3 linked on Founder and Director Suzanne Treister's bio page. She founded the corporation back in 2000. Did I just say corporation? When's the last time you remember me reviewing a corporation's website? Okay, so it's a corporation, but not just any corporation. Where else you gonna find a Department of Revolutionary Nostalgia, a Local Unit of Missing Links, and an International Department of Local Aesthetics? Among the long list of staff, you'll find a Voodoo Therapist, Tea Person, Psychic Architect, and Guilt Adjuster. You'll also find an assortment of artworks and deep thoughts and even a picture of the office each person occupies. A little activism and art plus accounts of organizational events all over the world – total entertainment for the easily amused, yet ample fodder for those who like to think...;~)) 
  • Design Detector 11/6/05 
    Description: web design and other areas of personal interest
    Comments: If you ever wondered what a house would look like built entirely with CSS, here ya go. That's just one of Chris' many code demos. You might recall seeing his CSS Pencils early last year. Besides the interesting demos and a number of articles related to web design, Chris also presents what he calls his "amateur photography and artwork" – cool stuff, including wallpapers and The September Project... 
  • PHOTOMO 11/5/05 
    Description: almost-daily photographic sketchbook
    Comments: Born in Japan, living in San Diego, and the latest pics are from Belgium. Tomo loves to travel. A red bench in Amsterdam. Wow! Tomo calls the site "a place to exercise to see things differently." Superb photography taken with various cool camerasand you simply must click on frogs...;~))
  • 10/15/05 
    Description: "mini-graff the movie" and other graffiti/murals
    Comments: "Nerdish but cool!" said armed rob in a post at Newstoday® – indeed. If you wanna tag a slew of trains without having to deal with local anti-graffiti forces and other such nasty business, mini-graff may be your answer. That's what Sketch is doing and I think it's great. The site's other content tells me Sketch has been out there on the streets doing waycool graffiti and murals for a long time too...
  • rok2 graffiti writer 7/29/05 
    Description: Lay back and enjoy!
    Comments: Selected for its cool original content, today's pick houses the works of a graffiti writer in Innsbruck, Austria who's been at it for almost 10 years. There's also pieces done with the BDMSK-crew from Poland, which Rok2 joined in 2000. Besides dozens of works on walls, there's big productions and works done on canvas. Rok2's style has changed several times through the years, but all his work is quite unique and colorful. Lay back and enjoy!  []
  • Lake Detrus 7/19/05 
    Description: experimental trippy graphic design
    Comments: Listed in the zone for almost 2 years, I bumped into the site again this morning. And my, was it green! Trippy visual creations and photos plus big colorful goodies for the desktop. Experimental is a good thing...;~))
  • break into pieces 7/14/05 
    Description: gallery of Lomos (Flash)
    Comments: If you like Lomo photos, you'll enjoy this collection of recent shots by Japanese photographer Yoshiyuki Yatsuda. Photos scale nicely to your window size – very cool interface (though a sound control would make it even better). Some magical images here...;~)) 
  • 7/6/05 
    Description: traveling the back roads and secondary highways of the United States since 1995 in search of old motels
    Comments: They like to hit the road as often as possible, particularly in the West, and capturing the signage of those old motels is what photographers Paul and Peggy like to do out there. They've been at it since 1995. Bright colors and retro flavor...;~)) 
  • Whateverland 6/2/05 
    Description: a collection of photographs taken by Archie FlorCruz
    Comments: Having lived in Chicago for many years (a great city, thank you), today's pick is a treat for me. Of course, I hope it is for you too. Years ago, I worked on almost the top floor of the tall white building in the top left corner of this picture – is that an amazing photo or what? Archie's fisheyes and macros are cool too – enjoy a visit to Whateverland...;~))  [Raster]
  • object not found 4/19/05 
    Description: collection of found postcards, photographs and letters
    Comments: Things lost by their original owners become "ephemera waiting for a new meaning to be given them," says Damien. He's thankful to those "who have helped supply things they found on the street or deep in their draws that they never really knew what to do with, other than not throw it away." And I'm thankful to him for putting it all together in this cool gallery of photos, postcards, and notes – "peek into a however small part of other peoples lives..." 
  • Resherry 2/13/05 
    Description: Mori's illustration gallery, featuring Redheaded Sherry
    Comments: The star of showcase is a cute, little red fox named Redheaded Sherry, created by Japanese illustrator Mori. At least, I think it's a fox. The colorful character is the subject of various print projects and other artworks, and there's a bunch of cool wallpapers too. Have fun...;~))
  • Nursery Grotesque 1/3/05 
    Description: "beauty that offends"
    Comments: Thanks to coolstop visitor Alx for letting me know about the site. Today's pick houses the graphics of Greg Richardson, an Australian student majoring in Electronic Design and Digital Imaging. Alx calls Greg's work "very dark, very cool" while Greg calls it "beauty that offends." They're both partially right. While there is a dark and grotesque (sometimes bloody) side to some of the imagery, other works are bright and colorful and hardly offensive. All-in-all, there's some really creative stuff (including some great wallpapers). I'm wondering if those earlier writings Greg mentions, which "dealt with childhood afflictions and the like," are still available anywhere online – sounds interesting...;~))
  • Joystick 11/24/04 
    Description: a collective of Colombian artists living in Barcelona
    Comments: Today's pick aims "to build channels and comunication spaces." The site documents various events organized by its collective of artists, as well showcasing "the work of young artists presenting online monographic exhibitions of works made with non-web specific media." There's some cool stencils and stickers to view (and download) plus several interesting projects dealing with trash – "encouraging other people to make good use of what we consider useless." I enjoyed it – art with a tinge of activism...;~))
  • XPMNTS 11/7/04 
    Description: a collection of experimental works (Flash)
    Comments:"I've basically just uploaded the files and stuck an indulgent interface on the front..." says the site's creator – "some of it bad and some of it ok." What was once just a folder full of experimental work on What's hard drive is now an online collection of Flash works, static art, and photographs. All pretty effin' cool, in my opinion anyway...  [Newstoday®]
  • something normal 10/23/04 
    Description: making complete sense since 1999
    Comments: "I've been writing an online journal since 1999, before it was cool. So, if you think I'm boring now, there are 5 years of boring entries in the archives." 25-year-old Ellie just finished a drastic redesign, tableless CSS with standards in mind, and I really like it. "Music is in my head all the time," she says, and one of the side features is normal radio. Ellie shares a few songs she likes, broadcasting to a limited number of listeners "when the urge strikes." There's also photos and desktops. All-in-all, a well-designed and interesting personal space. And btw, though I'm considerably older than Ellie, I'm still figuring myself out too – that's just something normal...;~))  []
  • apocketwatchplum 10/12/04 
    Description: now with pixels, pictures practically spew out of the camera
    Comments: Today's pick, APatrick's site, features 3 collections of photos and he describes it as "a great alternative to the daily work."  He's a working photographer but this is his personal stuff.  There's plenty of cool shots – I really like the wideWorld collection.  If I understand correctly, APatrick works mainly with film on the job, but digital has a lot to do with the fun he's having when he's not working...
  • acetone magazine 10/6/04 
    Description: quarterly magazine about music and other things we like
    Comments: From Spain, today's pick is a multilingual, quarterly magazine focusing on "music and other things..."  The current issue (#6) features 4 different musicians/bands and includes in-depth reviews, some with interviews and accented with beautiful visuals.  More interesting stuff in the last issue too, including a quite detailed look at, (see 3/17/04) – excellent, and of course, more music's covered in that issue as well.  Tasty site design and great content... 
  • Doubleperf 9/16/04 
    Description: film, music, travel, photography, and other observations
    Comments: I love the first shot in a series of over 100 pics from a recent trip to Iceland.  Another neat project, a directory to photo booths in 9 U.S. states plus London (so far, that is), which I discovered via Axis of Ævil, is actually what led me to the site.  Brian's into running, music, travel, nostalgia, and the local scene at home in Massachusetts – the blog's an intereresting mix.  But all those photographic projects on the sidebar, like the 2 mentioned above, are really cool in my opinion – and so is Brian's Amherstiana site...
  • Sticker Switch 7/28/04 
    Description: the international sticker exchange – further the possibilities for graffiti sticker art by working together
    Comments: "Send us stickers, get stickers back."  That's the concept behind the site and its galleries house almost 2,000 scans of real graffiti sticker art from 4 continents.  If you make stickers yourself, here's a perfect opportunity to spread 'em around a bit, while getting other artists' works in return – the more you send, the more you get back.  Today's pick is for the content 'cause coolstop just loves street art... 
  • 7/16/04 
    Description: biomechanical transgenic nanotechological artwork (Flash)
    Comments: Just imagine!  If you had a couchbot, you could "perform daily tasks without having to leave the convenience and comfort of your couch" while you make some moolah with your very own advertiseplant.  Peter's inventions are just one vehicle for his cool illustration skills.  There's also nanoworld, a work in progress where bots are propagating, plus sections of silkscreens and sketches.  And I wouldn't wanna forget to mention the robo-generator and Mac icons – it's a colorful and fun Friday... ;~)) 
  • The Japanese Garden 7/11/04 
    Description: the Bowdoin College web site on Japanese gardens (Flash/Quicktime)
    Comments: As the saying goes, now for something entirely different.  From a professor at a college in Maine comes this thorough resource on Japanese Gardens "designed to provide the visitor with an opportunity to visit each garden, to move through or around it, to experience it through the medium of high-quality color images, and to learn something of its history."  Clifton Olds is the educator behind the site who shares a wealth of photos and also wrote all the texts.  Nice use of Quicktime for "Quick tours" of the various gardens – the site's design, layout, and graphics are excellent.  Educationally cool...
  • WhiskySOURS 5/11/04 
    Description: the drunken misadventures of Lou and Gabe – a mature webcomic for the immature (Flash)
    Comments: Tasteless.  Absolutely.  Join me today as coolstop reaches new depths with a daily pick just for... err... ummm... drunks.  Wait a minute!  The site is very well designed and has some damn good comic illustrations, thank you.  But the content?  "You guys are twisted.  Keep up the good work!" says one visitor.  Chris, the all-around weirdo does the artwork and Ron, the slick talkin' crazy dude writes the words.  9 exciting episodes in the lives of Lou and Gabe, the professional drunks – there's supposed to be 10 but the boozers musta lost 1 of 'em.  Hic...
  • Enfin Libre 5/9/04 
    Description: a platform of graphic experiments
    Comments: The site's name translates to Finally Free and I think the two little, playful line-art guys must be David and Philipee.  They're speaking in French, which I don't understand well, but I'm picturing it goes something like this.  "Will they find the menu David?"  "Sure Philippe, but not immediately.  It'll drive 'em crazy."  Well.  It might take Jakob all day to figure it out, but I got it pretty quick (like I said, I was in a hurry).  Here's a clue – Plop.  Figure it out and you're on your way to cool graphics, cheery tunes, and cute cartoons (which I'm sure are even funnier if you can read French).  ... have fun!
  • The World Wide Panorama 4/22/04 
    Description: 180 VR Panoramas from 40 countries, all taken on the Equinox, March 20, 2004 (Quicktime)
    Comments: VR panoramas aren't new, but they sure are cool.  There's thousands of them around the web, but according to the people behind today's pick, "the world in general seems hardly to have noticed."  Feeling that VR photography "deserves to be seen by more people," they came up with the idea of a "coordinated VR panorma shoot on the day of the Equinox, March 20."  The response was "enthusiastic" and the site contains 180 panoramas from 40 countries.  "This is a non-commercial project, done simply to create enthusiasm for VR photography, and provide an outlet for our collective creativity."  Right on...
  • Seams 4/11/04 
    Description: fashion and social justice – a project focusing on clothing as a vehicle to comment on the garment industry (Flash)
    Comments: It's not like coolstop to feature a fashion catalog, but today is different.  A good catalog should present the most important information about each product so the consumer can make an informed purchase decision.  Few catalogs get that right, but today's pick does.  Before you plop down $49.95 for that blouse, you may want to know that it cost about a dollar to make.  Learn that and more while enjoying artsy design and photography...
  • 4/3/04 
    Description: I take photographs
    Comments: His name is Brain and I believe that's a Polaroid he's using.  Photography can be fun.  There's people with painted faces posing in "you're pretty."  The odd "wife beater" narrative ends in a flame war.  A number of other series have some very cool people pictures, to say the least.  And I wouldn't wanna leave out what I enjoyed most – Brain's collages! 
  • 3/22/04 
    Description: personal playground
    Comments: You could start with a cool graphic battle or take a seaside tour.  Or maybe go straight to Zero's unique wallpapers or a colorful wall of button links.  Or just start at the beginning.  In any case, it's tasty pixels ahead...;~))  
  • Planewalk 3/18/04 
    Description: a harbour for my visual creations
    Comments: Eleni a/k/a curly-haired monster, a 21-year-old artist, launched the site last September after several prior attempts and I'm glad she made it.  A harbour for her art, the site's simple ink-splattered design is appealing.  The works, going back as far as 1998, include traditional paintings, pen & wash, and pencil sketches plus digital portraits, paintings, scribbles, and collabs.  Cool style – I love the untitled pencil drawing of a tree done in August, 2001.  Eleni says "explore, enjoy, and perhaps be inspired."  3 for 3...  [raster]
  • Daniel Lee 'Manimals' 3/11/04 
    Description: digital images combining human portraits with animal features
    Comments: There's an amazing animated .gif called "Fish out of water" done in 1998-99, which shows Daniel Lee's "view of evolution."  That's just the online representation of the actual work of art which is a sequence of 11 larger digital C-prints with a 5-minute animated presentation on DVD, currently on display at the JM Kolar Art Center in Wisconsin.  That project is 1 of 5 showcased here.  It looks like Daniel started doing his "Manimals" in 1993 and his work has been exhibited all over the world.  Drawing.  Photography.  Fine art.  Photoshop.  Uniquely cool...  [pictoblog]
  • AlterFin 2/23/04 
    Description: art & play – design & programming – friends & links
    Comments: This morning, I found myself thinking about the face of Dominique, a cool "inter - Face" I had found last year.  Didz called it a "very nice non-flash thingie" and for some reason this morning, I remembered it and how cool it was and the fact that I never checked out rest the site it was on.  So that's what I did early this morning and am I glad!  After watching a weird "UnCommercial" and taking in "Twenty Drawings" (IE), and then being totally amused by "Scrumpdillyishus Land" and realizing how much more there was, I knew my job was done.  Yariv Alter Fin is the person behind it all and to learn more about this interesting guy, just view the source...
  • transforma 2/10/04 
    Description: video and graphics. oscillating between discourse and loss of control (Quicktime)
    Comments: If you like sharp motion graphics and you're looking for an excuse to crank up the volume a bit, check out today's pick.  They produce "images for soundworks" and perform "live screening, editing and deconstruction" of their video material at clubs and concerts around Berlin.  There's 6 Quicktime movies and I started with "yellowbeats."  Short, but sweet subwoofer goodness.  A newer video called "spaque" done in January features a mix by digital-gadget – extreme techno sound (if I had to label it) with cool graphics and type, plus a subtle reference to another site that may be in the works.  Left curious about that, I moved on to the other works and found each one just as interesting, but each in its own way... 
  • 1/31/04 
    Description: experimental Flash plus music and visual art
    Comments: Different webpaths often lead to the same place.  I guess I must have missed a turn last March when another recent pick led me to a cool gallery of photographic creations.  Actually, I think maybe I didn't take the time to explore Steve's unique interface at the time and missed the fact that it also led to good things.  Impatient?   Me?  Naaaw...;~þ   Anyway, a new path taken this morning led me back to Steve's site, only this time I clicked... and I clicked... and I clicked... and over a dozen menu choices eventually appeared, leading to all kinds of goodies.  Flash experiments (check out "Flesh" and "Fusion"), some real good music (if you press the keys), and yes, that gallery originally found elsewhere.  It's all good if you keep drivin'...
  • HEAD 1/2/04 
    Description: visual arts magazine (Flash)
    Comments: I've gotta start with a big thanks to Kai at Lounge72, not only for pointing me to today's pick, but also for the many other cool sites I've discovered there – the home of visual amusement indeed!

    In addition to publishing 6 issues since August with works from an assortment of talented contributors, this classy magazine has also put out 2 special editions focusing on individual photographers.  With truly top-notch photos and illustrations throughout, it's one of the best visual arts magazines I've seen online...
  • painted dreams 12/23/03 
    Description: portfolio of the artist anita kreituse
    Comments: I may be just imagining it, but it seems the arrangement of thumbnails on the opening page form the number "23" and I wonder if that's significant.  Anita Kreituse got her diploma from the Latvian Academy of Arts in 1980, which was 23 years ago.  But she had graduated from art school 8 years before that and had started exhibiting her art the following year.  So, whether the "23" means something or not, here's an artist who's been doing it for over 30 years – kudos for that!  Besides her large showcase of paintings and drawings, I also found something interesting in the "profile" section – portraits of the artist, taken by various photographers, going back to the late 70s, including a picture from each of the last 6 months.  The warm smile says it all...
    Follow-up:  Anita let me know that the "23" is for today's date and the arrangement changes daily to match the date.  Pretty cool.  I have to admit it never dawned on [silly] me... ;~))
  • trynottobreathe 12/18/03 
    Description: graphics experimental with cool weblinks
    Comments: Each image represents a day on the kalender but if you want to find a specific image by date, you're outta luck.  The graphics are presented via a rotation script, which appears to be random, but you can set the reload time.  I preferred the faster refresh rate myself.  Just sit back and enjoy a tasty visual show, and even discover a little new cool in the process...
  • Newstoday® 12/8/03 
    Description: design broadcasting network – for a better tomorrow
    Comments: This one's long overdue.  Over the last 2 years, I've reviewed 20 sites found there and it dawned on me over the weekend that I'd failed to add it to the listings.  Today's pick provides a "people's voice platform, public broadcasting system." From what I can see, most of the registered members of the "Alliance Network" are designers, and it's easy to join.  Besides the public broadcast, there's also a news column featuring posts by a "selected team of broadcasters" plus a public discussion area.  The posts are frequent and on any day, you'll find a fresh supply of links to great design sites and other odd and amusing destinations.  A truly great alternative portal, powered by people...
  • Biro-Web 12/7/03 
    Description: made with pens...
    This one's just for the fun...

  • 11/4/03 
    Description: the art of Morgan aka. "Splif" Thomas
    Comments: Splif's "very own homepage and portfolio" has an odd name. The word for "the language of the clouds" is also the name of the red airship that greets you on the splash and main pages.  Not surprising that the navigation rests on the belly of Splif's big orange balloon.  The "artwork" section includes the "junkyard" of sketches and fast drawings, "inkings," both rough and monocromatic, and colorful hand-drawn illustrations – dozens of each.  There's 7 other sub-sections/pages including 3D work and cool doodles.  If you're a designer or graphic artist, you'll probably enjoy the "themas" section.  The nav-balloon leads to other stuff too.  Impressive site design and works...  (renders best in IE)  [ < Newstoday®]
  • BlogShares 8/10/03 
    Description: fantasy blog share market
    Comments: Okay.  I gotta get something outta my system today.  Maybe it's because I just can't get the site outta my system that it's time to make sure it's listed here at coolstop.  And Sunday's a good day to do it, when things are quiet, 'cause Lord knows I use quite enough of Seyed's bandwidth already.  It's not the type of site I typically review but it certainly is special.  If you haven't heard of the site yet, I wish you a safe journey back from whatever planet you've been on...

    I've been spending at least 1-2 hours a day there for the last few months.  It's more fun than any other site I've frequented.  Did I say fun?  Let me rephrase that.  Addictive!  That's what it is.  It's caught on like wildfire with thousands playing the game.  I love it and have to recognize it for what it is – a truly unique website.  And while I'm at it, counting my phony moolah, let me mention that what it's really about is helping people find new and interesting websites, which it does quite well in the context of the game.  That's what I call cool.  I want to be sure to point out that you don't have to pay to play, unless of course, you just can't enough of it like me.  Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go call my accountant...

  • StyleReactor 7/17/03 
    Description: experimental multimedia art
    Comments: Staying on a path.  Today's pick was a previous site of the month* at yesterday's pick.  The path from Portugal led to Copenhagen where multimedia artist Kasper Ledet shares his print, interactive, and photo works.  "Electric Avenue" and "Chemical Garden" are static illustrations clearly reflecting Kasper's unique style and there's 18 more cool works in print.  "Organic Flash 02" is one of a dozen interactive pieces -- I love it!  I looked at 2 of the 3 photo series and was simply blown away.  This is the site's fourth version since 2002 (all versions still accessible).  Kasper calls it a "self promotional website" to "show the skills."  It certainly does...
  • Karin Hanssen 7/2/03 
    Description: paintings and drawings
    Comments: Web paths know no borders.  I could take a quick trip to the Big Apple as I did yesterday, or places like Belgium, the UK, Australia, or Japan, which just happen to be other locales visited by coolstop in the last 7 days.  If you wanna talk about the power of the web, you can't ignore its global nature.  Again today, we're in Belgium, probably because word-of-mouth led a talented artist in that part of the world to make me aware of her site.  Our last stop in Antwerp was about photography, while this stop is about paintings, collageprints, and drawings from one Karin Hanssen, who's been exhibiting her works since the early 90s.  Extraordinary works I would not have been aware of had she not reached out by email.  For that, I am grateful .  Traveling the world virtually, I love the web!
  • channelping 6/19/03 
    Description: a mixed bag for higher primates
    Comments: Lower primates are sure to be confused by the dingbat icons.  And the side menu, which mixes together internal and external links, arranged by line length, sure looks cool but just might leave usability experts laughing (and lower primates groaning) in the aisles.  Then there's the question:  "Does this site have a purpose?"  Lower primates thrive on such curiosities, and will probably want to know who created this scattered collection of useless crap.  Higher primates, on the other hand, will want to learn about chairs and they're hungry for data to put on their PDAs.  They won't care about the side menu 'cause they love the little icons, and things like the prose clock and phrases like "all your base are belong us" knock their socks off.  I've run out of hands, but need to mention yet another kind of primate - your average, run-of-the-mill human kind, like me.  I'm scattered and somewhat random and easily amused.  More important than that, I'm curious and like to explore.  That's why I think today's pick is simply golden (sorry, it's an inside joke).  Seriously though, it's the creativity that attracts me the most...
  • extrajetzt® composer 4/9/03 
    Description: the application with the Bananabow
    Comments: This cool Flash application, described as being "like a drum computer with a synced-up synthesizer" is still a work that's "growing with time."  Andre and David are working "to get more functions running" and I'm sure the 3 betatesters are kept busy at the moment.  When they add the "save" feature, allowing users to share their tracks with others, that'll be a major step.  Right now, there's a library of samples one can incorporate into their own tracks and the various devices that make up the interface are quite impressive.  Seeing they already have a packaging design and some trademarks in place (as a joke, perhaps), I'm not sure what the application is destined to become beyond an obvious promotional vehicle for Andre and David's work, but I'm jumping on it today because it's an interesting development project in progress that's a gas to play with, too... 
  • wonk 3/7/03 
    Description: Photo portfolio of a graphic designer from Colombia. Urban and experimental photos in Bogota. (Flash)
    Comments: There's something about close-up, black & white photos of classic cars that I find really appealing, especially when the photographer has an eye for composition.  Color shots of buildings, street posters and signage unique to a given geographical area are cool, too.  Add a few striking black & white portraits, among other things, and you've got a great photo site.  Jorge, a graphic designer, takes pictures in an around Bogota, Columbia.  An interesting window...
  • Image*After 2/18/03 
    Description: free images and textures database
    Comments: "The cool guys" behind today's pick, Lex, Tristan, and Stefan, hope to offer a large database of highresolution images for free*.  Excuse me, guys, but I see you already have over 4,000 images in the database, which seems pretty large to me, and there's plenty of tasty images to choose from.  Okay, so they must mean they want to get really large, "so almost everyone should be able to find what they're looking for."  They're adding 5 to 10 new images daily, so just do the math, baby!  This well-designed resource for creatives is on the move...

    Free is big buzzword on the web, so please be sure to read the terms and be fair to this generous trio if you plan to download any of the big images in their database.  "Because we know how hard it is to find good material to use for your work, we offer everybody who wants to, our highresolution pictures for free through this website. Keep in mind though that these are NOT meant to be stock-photos or stand-alone pieces of work - they are raw material, to be used and/or edited for whatever purpose you see fit."  Fair enough, if you ask me...  [weblog wannabe]

  • the 5 line self portrait 2/15/03 
    Description: a design school project for years, it is the ultimate self-expression experiment...
    Comments: "Can you sum yourself up in just 5 lines?"  That's the question they ask and the gallery is a collection of over 40 simple self portraits drawn using only 5 lines, many submitted by the site's visitors.  They define a line as "when you put the pen onto the paper to when you lift it off" and submissions must be 380x380 in size.  The cool concept comes from an experimental project that's been around for years in "art and design schools."  It got "passed down" from one architect to another, then a friend said "ya know, we outta have a website for that stuff."  Great idea...  [4showcase < lounge72]
  • nicole is online 2/7/03 
    Description: a gallery of illustrations, animations, and graphic experiments (Flash)
    Comments: Considering where I found the site (see review), I'm not at all surprised how good it is.  The large showcase of illustrations and animations of French graphic artist Nicole De Rueda are presented via an artsy Flash interface.  The sounds are hypnotic and the art, colorful and engaging.  Nicole's beautiful place... online.
  • pickone 2/4/03 
    Description: photography and Flash of David Hoffman and others
    Comments: One of David's "Family Members" was a daily pick here on 8/19/01.  It's still one of the best photography sites in the portal cool zone in my opinion.  Another of the member sites houses 2 of David's photographic series, all taken with a Nikon Coolpix880.  One of those series had 80 different shots you can send as e-cards and the photos are outstanding, in that series as well as in the "South Africa" series.  Considering the nice Flash interface, that site was going to be today's pick.  But after going back and exploring more of David's photos taken with various other cameras and several of his Flash pieces, plus the work of some other talented photographers, today's pick is definitely the right choice if I only wanna pick one.  It'll lead you to the whole family if you've got the time...  [linkdup]
  • NINEAEM 12/11/02 
    Description: where logic seems transcendent (Flash)
    Comments: I've got a great pick for you today.  Wonderful sights and sounds, which I won't even attempt to describe, are what you'll find there plus several related projects that are all good.  Pep is the designer behind the site.  He's also an extraordinary photographer.  Though Pep has also composed/performed the musical backgrounds for previous issues, the music for the current issue was done by Cylens, where you can find three fresh, tasty .mp3s for download.  According to the splash page, today's pick is presented by the Acces(s) Festival, where you'll also find another interesting supported project called collège invisible > a_distance.  If you're visiting coolstop from work today, you just might wanna tell the boss you'll be busy for a while... ;~))
  • Callistonian.NET 10/21/02 
    Description: elegant personal domain full of splendid things
    Comments: There's a bit of a mystery to Marykate's most recent post in her journal.  It seems "three is back" but she says you'll have to ask if you want the URL or if you're not sure who/what "three" is.  6 people have already commented that they know what it is and would like the URL.  I'm glad three's back (I guess) but I don't have a clue who/what it is.  Another entry in the journal gives a "sneak preview" of an "art/charm" project – Marykate's "thoughts in pictures."  It's a cool graphic with the words "never give up without a fight/a great dream awaits you..."  In her webdesign section, there's a similar message – "the dream must absolutely come true."  There's a lot of enjoyable, creative content in Marykate's personal space, which she describes as "a beautifully elegant personal domain."  You'll have to use your [back] button in spots, but there's plenty to explore.  "Charm" is actually the art gallery.  There's also a photography section, Photoshop brushes for download, and a section called "17 wings" with tutorials/resources and a web directory.  Green is her favorite color and she has about a dozen different nicknames.  Marykate strikes me as an interesting personality and the overall site design rocks (If small fonts are a problem for you, I'd suggest using NS or Mozilla, so you can adjust font sizes).  Here's the astounding part (to me, anyway) – Marykate is a 17-year-old high school student...
  • Photomatisme 10/2/02 
    Description: faces of anonymous websurfers
    Comments: Does the Internet have a face?  Sure, some sites include a mugshot of the person behind them, but all-in-all, it's easy for people to hide behind their sites and present just what they want to present publically – hardly like talking to someone face-to-face.  Then, there's the site's visitors.  Who are they?  It's hard to know.  So, the web may indeed have a face, but you seldom see it.  Today's pick changes all that – it's been around a few years and I have to admit that coolstop is hardly the first to recognize it.  The French tagline translates to English as "test of filing for a face of the Internet" and the content is hundreds of anonymously submitted photos of faces, each telling its own little story.  There's some side attractions as well and if people pics interest you, you're in for some fun browsing...
  • Look at Me 9/22/02 
    Description: a collection of found photos
    Comments: "Either lost, forgotton or thrown away, these images now are nameless..."  #166 is a mother and child taken in Abertillery, Wales; the bicycle in #165 does look like it's from the early 70s; check out the children in #224; the duck is almost as big as the kid in #228, taken in 1958.  When did color photography come into being?  That undated picture from Wales is in color but seems old-fashioned... is it?  Today's pick has over 200 "found photos" in the nicely-designed gallery – what a cool concept.  The oldest dated one I found so far was from 1938 but I've barely gotten into the collection and feel certain there's some even older ones.  My guess is that people will keep submitting photos and that users will love visiting the site on a regular basis.  Not sure why, but it seems to me the perfect pick for a lazy Sunday – enjoy... 
  • Dectus 9/6/02 
    Description: personal design site with photos, wallpapers and tutorials...
    Comments: 19-year-old Jonas Minke got his first computer when he was only 7.  He says he's "always been interested in learning new things" – 3D Max and Photoshop are among the "graphic programs" he already uses quite well.  He's pretty good with his Nikon COOLPIX digital camera, too.  Jonas started experimenting with websites in 1996, but today's pick launched last August (with a different name).  Jonas shares what he calls his "graphical outages" and also provides some 3D Max tutorials and links to useful resources.  The "photogallery" showcases 10 different series from various places, mostly in Switzerland – interesting visual content.  Add some wallpapers ("graphics") and other "works" plus links to a many other graphics sites in the form of a button wall with user submitted links below it.  Different than your typical design site, Jonas' site is an excellent example of a genre of personal sites I really enjoy...
  • City Creator 9/1/02 
    Description: build a unique city and send it to a friend as an ecard
    Comments: If you want to send someone a unique ecard, here's a new idea for you.  Go to today's pick and create a city.  They'll provide you with plenty of components – buildings, roofs, people, vehicles, roads, and walkways.  Choose a background, then "drag and drop pieces from the palettes" onto the canvas and before you know it, you'll have a beautiful pixel-flavored city to email to a friend.  Pretty cool if you ask me...
  • 7/22/02 
    Description: I have much to learn.
    Comments: Today's pick is one of those sites I've been aware of for a long time – visited now and then, always enjoyed it, but never picked it.  Why?  I dunno.  It's a great website and belongs with the best of the cool – it's about time!  The site launched back in October, 1997 (coincidently, the same month that coolstop was born).  The tongue-in-cheek copyright date (8/11/74) is actually the birthday of Paul Ford, the site's creator.  Paul's a writer (a very good one, in my opinion, though "I have much to learn" as well), which is no surprise considering he was raised by creative parents who both wrote poetry.  "You know how that goes."  Sense of humor?  If you really wanna know Paul, "My Busy Day" should do the trick – it'll give you an idea as to how he thinks – most amusing.  It's not only funny amusement, though – there's excellent literary content here – stories and narrative from "Career Development: An Artist" to "The Naked Woman Across the Street" to "The Subway Diary" to "The Insurance Agent", Paul's writing is sometimes humorous, sometimes making serious points, always thought-provoking.  There's also creative content contributed by others, either written by them or submitted in response to such calls as "Please Send Me Your Favorite Poem."  What we have here is what I think of as a well-designed, organized literary repository.  There's a number of different ways to get to the content – in my book, this site exemplifies good usability.  There's a bonus, too – links – oodles of links with commentary.  Though "cool" is an ambiguous word, calling today's pick a great website is right on the mark...
  • infinite wheel 7/18/02 
    Description: home of the Dub Selector (Flash)
    Comments: When you throw the the little guy around the interface, the little character activates sounds he encounters in his path to add to the already cool Reggae mix you've got going from your interaction with the "spots."  His grin and the little callout that says "Throw Me" is most inviting – use your mouse as the little guy runs around and it gets better and better.  Lonita, the cheery personality behind Saturday's pick (7/13/02), let me know about this site a few days ago.  "It's got all these nifty noise making things on it, including this one with flowers that plays a different note for each petal on the big flower."  I liked that "nifty noise making thing" as much as I liked "Spot" and yes, Lonita, the flowers do seem a little "shouty" when you mouseover them.  Those are just 2 of the 6 choices on the "Dub Selector."

    Lonita and I communicated this morning about today's pick.  She found a link to the site on a friend's "Livejournal" and I really appreciate her letting me know about.  While we were talking (via IM), she mentioned the "One Love" piece on the selector.  "I thought the one with the floating hearts was a bit odd.  The noises are too loud for something with cute little (albeit unhappy and alien-looking) hearts in it."  I had looked at that "Dub" earlier, but hadn't noticed the expressions on the hearts' faces – they did seem unhappy but as soon as you mouseover a heart (producing a unique sound), the expression changes, as if it's smiling that you chose it.  Another choice on the Dub Selector (which is actually #7, though it doesn't say so) links to a new piece called "Little Axe" – that one is offsite, done in conjunction with a music site – it's even more elaborate than the other Dubs... very nice.

    As an aside, I appreciate that the music site will let you listen to the whole album it's selling for free, or download some of the songs in .mp3 format.  I noticed recently that one of my heroes, Neil Young, is doing something similar at his website.  While we watch the record industry treating its customers like criminals, it's refreshing to see some artists realizing that they can share their music freely without being so concerned about whether we buy the music or not – they realize that if it's good music, we will buy it.  But I digress and my verbosity runneth over – this review isn't about the music biz.

    Anyway – there's other animations and amusements to be found at today's pick plus a link to "Metal Baby" – another stand-alone site with even more fun from Jim, the talented guy behind all this stuff – do check this one out, 'cause it's a really fun site!  And thanks Lonita – I owe ya one...
  • 7/13/02 
    Description: a goddess of disturbed tranquility
    Comments: There's currently over 1,800 sites listed in the portal cool zone.  One of them is plaid – not just plaid – "this is real tartan."  And why would someone chose such a flavor for their website?  "Because she felt like it."  Let's hear it for individualism as we meet Lonita who's proud of her birth place and has "gone plaid" to honor it.  As an aside, I realize now that Sydney is not necessarily in Australia – this one's in Nova Scotia, Canada. and "is always 'home' no matter where you're living."  I discovered Lonita's personal site after getting an email from her asking if coolstop has an RSS feed (that's what the orange "XML" button is about) and I'm guessing that she's reading this review in her news aggregator this morning.  She didn't mention her site in the email, but I'm always on the prowl for cool personal sites and checked out the domain in her email address.  As Dave would say – "Bing!"  What I discovered was a unique personal site with plenty of interesting content and, more important than that, personality...
  • formocean 7/5/02 
    Description: dedicated to perception of forms (Flash)
    Comments: Today's pick deals with "perceptions of forms" and does something interesting right at the outset.  There's this test, you see, that you've gotta pass before Alex will let you enter the gates to his little part of the "ocean" and if you fail, you're stuck (unless, of course, you care to try again) – it's "back to the rest of the ocean" with you – well, sort of.  When that form of a different variety appears after you fail the perception test, there in Alex's frameset, you really are stuck – the frame is non-scrollable and if you use the form to find other islands in the ocean, you will get stuck.  Not only do some consider it naughty (or at least, a little devilish) to frame other websites within your own, but scripts, in general, aren't going to allow access across domains.  So, here's Joe, early this morning, testing several (previously proven reliable) scripts to break coolstop out of Alex's frames, but his PHP and my JavaScript and Perl refuse to shake hands.  Like I said, interesting, and I'll admit I was having fun with all of this earlier this morning – I have to commend Alex for this most unique approach to entering a site – it certainly engaged me.  After I was done obsessing, it dawned on me that passing Alex's test is much easier than it first appears and I was on my way to the good stuff (forever, if I don't delete his nifty cookie).  I like the ocean metaphor – "streams, waves, and drops" are the "properties" of the site's content, or should I say, its organization.  The "fiction" stream deals with illusion – there's two interesting waves, each containing only one drop.  The meat of the content can be found in the "forms" stream – 16 waves, many with multiple drops – confusing?  Not really – I like the way everything fits into the scheme.  But more than that, I like the visuals – a lot – it's the drops you're looking for!  There's another great stream called "friends" where "interacting with forms in their own manner, friends of forms originate remarkable streams and waves" – but if I understand the metaphor, its actually remarkable waves and drops that the friends have added to the mix.  One of the 2 waves has 12 tasty drops in it... mmmmmmm.  Now that I'm metaphor'd out, it cya – I'll let you go now... ;~)
  • 6/25/02 
    Description: the personal website of Milo Vermeulen
    Comments: Today's pick comes from Wateringen, Holland – it's the personal site of 23-year-old Milo, a recent graduate in Interaction Design who works coding HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL, and knows oodles about DHTML as well.  The weblog is the site's starting point – plenty of interesting links and, better yet, it's rich in photographic content.  Looks like Milo likes taking photos every day.  Coding, huh?  Check out the way his comments feature works – expandable/collapsible right on the page – that is cool.  I also like the way it parenthetically shows the names of people who have commented next to the toggle link.  There's a number of other sections beyond the weblog – "graphics" and "photos" are both rich in visual content, but be prepared to use your browser's navigation buttons in these sections as well as in the "" section, which contains a lot of cool coding experiments and what Milo calls "(d)html artworks."  The "forum" has some good user-submitted content (like more photos, baby!) and Milo's "links" page is a big one.  Overall, the site is well-designed, visually appealing and rich in content – cheers Milo...
  • play / create 6/20/02 
    Description: a collection of Shockwave interactive art
    Comments: At first, the "clock" looks like a simple thing, showing the time with a small, slow-moving animation in the background.  Then, I figured out that you can get that 3D box goin' with a little mouse magic – before I know it, the thing is spinning real fast, leaving faint, fading trails of its movement behind – very cool!  I'm not sure you could pull this one off in Flash – today's pick uses Shockwave and there's 8 pieces of interactive art.  I particularly liked "new flowers" – not to be confused with "(foreplay) flowers" which is just as good! – the intensity of the colors and the 3D movement are astounding – very organic.  The piece I liked the most, though, is called "(foreplay) pop" – drag the mouse to one of the corners of the window and keep dragging and holding it in various spots and watch what it does – cool soundtrack, too.  The name of the site is right on the money...
  • massless 5/28/02 
    Description: the faster I go the lighter I get
    Comments: "If I ever decide to start an online identity anew, I might like to call my online journal Small Nuclear Devices. This is a temporary infatuation to be sure as I am, every day, a small packet of personal fission. And latent energy."  Chris wrote his own blogging tool called "BlogLess" last year and uses it to produce the site.  When this young software engineer (I'm guessin') isn't doing his blog and writing applications, he's off making pop music with some friends – just finished tracking their 3rd album.  And when he's doing the software thing, he comes up with stuff like an ASP Messageboard and a Java-driven headline aggregator.  Those are just two projects from a long list – Chris is a busy guy.  He writes about all kinds of things, some techie, some not, and I find most of it interesting (and well-written).  His sidebar of links includes comments about the listed sites and has a cool design touch – you can sort the list alphabetically (sans descriptions) on the fly without the page reloading – dynamic goodness!  The overall design is excellent, and if you don't like the default layout and color scheme, you have 3 more to choose from.  There's more - photo series, articles, and resources – great content and plenty of it...
  • Pixelbreaker 5/24/02 
    Description: Flash experiments plus screen savers and walls
    Comments: I love the fact that today's pick gives the user a choice before throwing them into fullscreen mode – just click [OK] if that's how you want to view it or click [Cancel] to view the site in a compact popup window, nicely centered on the screen.  Next, for those of you who might think I've abandoned my quest to keep adding sites with "pixel" in their name or description – think again – today's pick is yet another one.  If you're gonna submit a site, you just might wanna throw the word "pixel" in to appeal to that irrational, somewhat prejudiced side of the coolstop guy (moi) – it might not help, but it won't hurt (hehe).  Anyway – today's pick is a collection of interesting Flash diversions with some screensavers and walls, plus some photography, thrown into the mix.  Personally, I really like the cool interface...
  • 5/6/02 
    Description: dreaming up new ways to interact with data
    Comments: "Bringing better ui to the people!" was the random tagline... on reloading the page, "I'm not a programmer, I just play one on the internet" was next in line – I just love those little random thingies.  Anyway, I bumped into today's pick in the source code of another recent pick – a really cool scroller got my attention and thanks to the conscientious designer leaving the credits intact when he grabbed and used the free script, I found the source of the source, so to speak.  It's a cool personal site of a young "programmer/developer/designer person" named Aaron who's into discovering and developing new "ways to talk to a computer system."  He wants to see "the web community continue to lead the software industry into the future of interface design."  That's part of what motivated him to open his site in early 2001.  So, I found a wealth of "components" and "snippets" at Aaron's site, not to mention some interesting writing about trends in design and scripting.  Aaron is deep into CSS and DHTML and it shows in his site's design.  "There is something that just feels good about developing open-source software and then seeing people use it."  I'm thinking it feels good to know that people like Aaron are out there doing their "new school stylie" thing and sharing it with us.  Cheers to Aaron, and wishing him luck in finding his new digs in NYC...
  • Ghost City 5/5/02 
    Description: an interactive urban environment designed by jody zellen
    Comments: It's funny.  A long time ago, I had recognized a site that is definitely one-of-a-kind  in terms of it's mission and value as a useful web resource and the person behind the site ridiculed the fact that the notification message he received said the site was entertaining.  Every site reviewed here at coolstop receives the same generic notification – there's simply not enough time to handle it otherwise, so the message is written to apply, in general, to most of the sites that get picked.  I've modified the standard message several times since then – it's amazing how "and/or" can affect it – "excellence in graphic design and/or usability" – "entertaining and/or useful content."  So it goes in my little world of doing the daily webthing – I expect that when the person behind today's pick receives their notification message, they're probably gonna scratch their head and say "huh?"  Today's pick is definitely not about usability, easy navigability, useful content, or excellence in web design (though it does shine graphically).  It's more about original, meaningful art and exploration, which I find extremely entertaining – on some days, nothing else matters...
  • Drunk Men Work Here 5/4/02 
    Description: fresh zero-content for compulsive clickers
    Comments: It's Saturday morning so, chill and be prepared for a little web fun.  I've noticed that a search for the word "drunk" in the portal cool zone, which has roughly 1,750 sites listed in it, turns up zilch.  I'd say that's probably a positive thing, but with today's pick, it all changes – drunks are now officially represented thanks to the name of the site I've chosen to review today.  I guess it's all downhill from here, baby!  Anyway – the odd looking navigation menu on the main page might validate the idea that drunks do work there, but don't let it fool you – some of the experiments they've been doing are far too cool to have been pulled off in a stupor.  Go for the "archive" link to see a list of 149 "editions" done since February, 2001 – it was edition #146 that got my attention – giving the phrase "mirroring a site" a whole new meaning – see what a mirror of coolstop looks like?  Edition #144 ("recycler") is kinda cool, too, and I noticed that some of the images in the "gallery" have something to do with it.  There's also a long list of "games" you can play.  To be serious, I've gotta give kudos to the people behind the site – it's fun net art and if they really are drunks, more power to 'em...  
  • 4/28/02 
    Description: selected projects of photographer Burkhard Walther
    Comments: Anyone who visits coolstop on a regular basis knows that I like photography sites.  The web is a perfect medium for displaying photos, in my opinion anyway, and many sites give you the opportunity to see places you'll probably never have a chance to visit otherwise.  Such is the case at today's pick, the showcase of German photographer Burkhard Walther.  There's 18 different projects covering places like Instanbul, Stuttgart, Saint Petersburg, Prague, and and Bamako.  Along with the photos are literary excerpts and informational texts and most of the site is available in German and English.  Nice site design and navigation, too – enjoy...
  • 4/27/02 
    Description: experiments in, and explorations of the web, using Java, JavaScript, DHTML, PHP and other languages
    Comments: Remember Brent Gustafson from  It seems that Brent was a source of inspiration for Glen Murphy, the guy behind today's pick – I learned that from one of the "resources" Glen provides called "dragdiv."  I'll definitely be playing with it soon.  Several other thingies Glen offers are "iconattach" and "shaded" – both very cool!  Geez, I didn't know you could do that!  These neat resources are a tiny part of Glen's content – there's also over 4 dozen other experiments to view in which Glen explores possibilities using Java, JavaScript, DHTML, and PHP – fun, fun, fun...
  • The Spamradio Project 4/26/02 
    Description: serving up delicious helpings of spam each hour of every day to all who are hungry
    Comments: "Everybody hates spam. Mass-marketing junk email is the bane of the Internet.  But it thinks very highly of itself.  It invades your inbox every day with a sense of confidence."  Ain't it the truth!  But, there's that old saying "when life gives you lemons..." that comes to mind when I think of the cool concept today's pick came up with.  What if you take the text from all those ridiculous messages you receive from spammers, run it through a "text-to-speech engine" and add some music?  Voila!  You end up with an entertaining radio stream that shows just how stupid all of that crap sounds when spoken, buffered by some cool musical backgrounds.  As much as I hate spam, I found this all rather amusing, especially when a message ends with "Never send spam.  It is bad."  Today's pick is a site with content you'll just love to hate – have fun...
  • Typofabrik 4/15/02 
    Description: high-quality Lomography Images, a lot of experimental Stuff and Sounds
    Comments: "Design with your heart, not with your mind. Then let's see what other people think, how they are and what they want to feel."  That's the spirit behind "Contribute the feeling 2002" – " it's your turn."  The splash page at today's pick gives two choices as to where to enter and "Contribute the feeling" is one of them – it's off to good start already with "Issue#02" only needing one more contribution to be complete – nice visuals with information about each contributor!  The other direction you can take from the splash is to "v2.0" of the site, launched on the first day of this year.  The content's biggest section is "Lomography" sporting 10 issues of "high quality" Lomo pictures, each issue containing 24 shots – Gerthulf is good with a Lomo!  There's also a section where you can download .mp3s from a band that Gerthulf plays in.  Add other art and experimental stuff plus more photography from a friend, Joachim – plenty of cool creative content...
  • futabita 4/11/02 
    Description: static and motion visuals (Flash)
    Comments: Like Futaba a/k/a Futabita, I also love cats (one of ours is over 20-years-old, believe it or not).  Her motion graphics piece called "i love cats" is one of those I could look at over and over again – great photos of cats, some taken at home in Brooklyn, and others in Barcelona and Tokyo.  There's a cool geographical navigator to the 6 different photos and I guess it also represents places that Futabita has been to.  If I'm not mistaken, she's from Japan.  There's another interesting motion piece, plus a big gallery of static visuals and another section with samples of some of her commercial designs.  The folders/files interface that dims the icons for the pieces you've already viewed is a nice design touch.  I really like viewing portfolio sites, especially when it's one like today's pick – appealing design samples without the hype...
  • 3/29/02 
    Description: publishing creations from you and others - animation, photography and design
    Comments: I discovered today's pick via coolstop's very own Visitors' Gallery.  Had Gabriele not submitted several images (1 | 2), I might never have known about his websites unless, of course, I was lucky enough to bump into them at one of the other "alternative portals" featured here.  I guess one gallery leads to another, because today's pick is also a collection of works submitted by a number of talented artists and designers.  The 40 square thumbs on the main page, arranged in 10 rows of 4, in itself is quite the piece of eye candy – click away, 'cause there's great art to be found.  And that's just the first of two pages of static visuals.  There's also a whole page of Flash animations from a number of different contributors.  You're not done yet – go to the "About Me" page and you'll find tons of stuff done by Gabriele – we're talkin' visual art to the tenth power...
  • Artkrush 3/19/02 
    Description: a website about art™ – interviews, reviews, features and daily art news plus other art-related information
    Comments: For a site with an "LLC" behind it, today's pick has a remarkably non-commercial tone to it.  I have a feeling how they might be paying the bills and commend them for presenting advertising (if, indeed, there is any paid advertising) in such a low-key, non-invasive way.  There's a number of people behind the scenes – they even have a "Minister of Propaganda."  The site is all about the visual arts and the current featured artist is Katrin Sigurdardottir, a sculpture/installation artist whose work has been exhibited worldwide.  Twenty of her works are showcased – outstanding stuff.  The archive has another 13 featured artists in it – this one feature represents a significant amount of content all by itself.  Then there's the "featured articles" which likewise total 14 – in-depth, interesting reading for you art lovers.  Add "Eye to Eye" to the mix if you like interviews.  Then head to the "Projects" section, which I think is really cool.  "Exposed" is a collection of almost 100 "self-portraits" submitted by artists.  I love the guidelines – "Submit your most interesting or revealing self-portrait (any medium). And don't bother with the high-concept stuff (ex. toothpicks stuck in mud, or a hacked up Barbie), we want to see you." – and I love the submissions even more...
  • the xanthic eye 2/7/02 
    Description: online gallery containing free wallpapers, icons, skins, and paint shop pro and photoshop tutorials
    Comments: As designers, one of the things we try to avoid is the appearance of horizontal scrollbars... sometimes.  In the case of today's pick, horizontal scrolling is intentional and the sleek interface, inspired by the look of the iMac ("this one is shiiiiiiny oooOooOo") is quite wide on some of the pages – personally, I think it's worth having to scroll left to right – it's such a cool interface!   Today's pick has been listed in the portal cool zone since May, 2000, but after seeing the current version (V6), it was clear to me that it belongs with the best of the cool.  V6 was launched last September.  There's a wealth of great graphics in the "Gallery" as well as in the "Wallpapers" section.  Add some skins and icons for download plus some tutorials – as far as graphics-type sites go, this one has a lot of good, original content.  Raymond's been on the web since 1999 and – get this – he's only 16-years-old...
  • 1/19/02 
    Description: a boy and his stuff
    Comments: I saw the picture of David's "inflated zeppelin" foot – ouch! – hoping it heals quickly.  His "Modrian wanna be" is certainly less painful to look at, and it would be cool if "Kneel" eventually showed up as a sculpture on a city street somewhere.  "The Coliseum" is one of the neatest black and white photos I've seen and the "Junkyard Jive" series is fun to browse.  So – He calls the site "Baby and a Shotgun" and the "teetotaler" expecting his "tan chinos to be arriving any day now" seems a clear picture of a down-to-earth Silicon Valley character who's "enjoying the possibility" of succeeding as an artist.  The blog is really the main content of David's site – it just celebrated its "one-year blogiversary" and the post about that from the "god of sorts of this little land" brought an interesting response from a reader – "You know you're the whole reason I started blogging in the first place!"  There's some interesting stuff (and stuff) in the blog – I found the post about driving (1.13.2002) to be insightful – how true!  Check out the "Plates" project, too – vanity plates are a little like domain names, dontcha think?
  • 1/13/02 
    Description: the anteroom of the most beautiful 404 sites of the internet
    Comments: "I noticed that it would be very unfortunate if one would ignore these many creative and wonderful 404 sites" says Desiree – "That's the purpose, nothing more."  Today's pick is a gallery of over 500 custom Error 404 pages – an "art form" unique to the web.  Desiree categorizes each listing, warning that it's "absolutely subjective" – "funky", "freaky", "funny", and "misc" are the categories and I really like the square screenshots she does.  In fact, I think the site design is very tasty, using a color scheme you don't see a lot of and a "dirty" style that's quite artistic.  It's an interesting way to surf, starting at a site's 404 page instead of the home page, especially because most of the listed 404s are really creative.  If you don't know how to customize your 404 page, that's explained here, too.  Cool concept – nice site...
  • 1/12/02 
    Description: graphic design explorations, news and links
    Comments: "This product is not suitable for childeren under 36 months as it contains small parts which may cause choking."  They must be referring to their little pixeled action figures – you can change Martin or Mike's clothes with a click and the mouseover will tell you that the yellow icons are Martin's projects and the red ones, Mike's.  Okay – so there's only one yellow icon and one red icon for now – these guys must be pretty busy or something.  "Construction due for completion in late* October 2000" is what it says and the asterick pertains to the note that "we are lame."  Guess I meant to say "lame or something" – the news window was updated one time (that's right, I said one time) in 2001 (in December) – it said the site "probably won't be seeing much action over the next four months [not that it ever did ;) ]" and went on to explain that Martin will be attending a design school in the US and that the site will probably be redesigned in July.  Busy – lame – whatever!  So, you're saying "Joe, the site hasn't been updated in ages – it's just sitting there with two cute little pixel figures you can play with – big whoopie! – are you nuts or something?"  Yes, I am, but that's besides the point.  I picked the site because those two projects that are there for now are very good.  Martin found a camera on the London Underground and posted their images plus his own (11/00), and Mike took a bunch of cool photos in New York when he visited in April, 2000 – excellent design and presentation!  Lame?  No – I don't think so...

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