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"the art of aging" by Joe Jenett
"the art of aging" by Joe Jenett
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Please note: Our format changed as of 10/18/07 – see the front page and full archives for more recent listings. Thanks.

  • 10/28/01 
    Description: News for grown-ups — a source of controversy — humor/satire site + discussion board.
    Comments: "There are a number of people who have opinions that don't quite fit the norm. Because of this, they aren't welcome many places. This is where they exercise their right to speak, where the dreams of tomorrow take flight today."  That sounds serious enough as I began reading the "mission statement."  But as I continue, and finish reading the next paragrah, I'm thinking "they didn't really say that, did they?" and feeling a little twinge in my neck, I keep reading.  "Aah... they were kidding" are my thoughts now and I'm thinking that was a well written twist — I tell myself "that must be the humor that Em mentioned" and giggle, heading back to the "front page."  I'm thinking about how I edited the description that Em submitted — when I see phrases that begin with things like "the web's premier..." in a site description, I get a little skeptical right off the bat and as I'm thinking about this, I see that an editor of one the entries refers to the site as "the most controversial... on the Internet."  Yikes!  Here's two of the editors (from a pretty long list) that have already gone for what I call the "big promo" and all I've done so far is read the submitted description and one entry.  It's dawns on me that the people in this community are rather enthusiastic — who cares about the big promo, anyway (hehe)?  I like enthusiastic people who get together via sites like today's pick.  Being highly controversial is something they're striving for and that does make for some interesting reading.  There's a certain tongue-in-cheek tone to many of the stories, but I think there's tons of intelligent points being made through it all — plenty of good discussions (and polls) going on and I like the way that posts are organized into "diaries."  The "Adequacy Shop" is a real gas, too — check the "meta page" for the special stuff like that.  "News for Grown-ups" — okay — I'll buy that...
  • 10/26/01 
    Description: the art and design of Mary Winn (Flash)
    Comments: Version 7 of Mary's site followed a version she called "a big step" in her evolution as a designer — "it was the best of sites... it was the worst of sites."  In her comments about Version 1 in the "evolution" section, she explains that she had many sites before moving to her own domain — sounds like she's been doing this web stuff for a long time... Mary is 16-years-old.  She's actually on a bit of haitus from design right now — high school is keeping her busy and she warns that she'll be "working on projects rather than sites."  So, her "note out of boredom" written in August says not to "expect a new version anytime soon."  Geez, Mary — it's really okay!  You've put out 7 versions in the last few years and this one's really nice, so dontcha worry... do what you have to do.  In the meantime, we'll just enjoy all the nifty art and design in that portolio ("creation") of yours, not to mention "subliminal" and "the mind."  This is a classy visual site with personality — Mary's obviously overflowing with creativity and you can bet her temporary "goodbye" will eventually evolve into even greater accomplishments as a designer... 
  • michael jang : photographer 10/17/01 
    Description: a pleasant surprise to most viewers of photographic websites (Flash)
    Comments: Michael Jang is obviously a professional, but his site seems more a showcase of his outstanding photography than it is a vehicle for promoting his business.  Sure — his "professional resume" with its impressive list of clients and celebrity photo subjects is a little on the business side of things, but since the extraordinairy content (and amount of it), beyond those shots he's taken professionally, is the prominent magic of the site and there are no sales pitches, list of services, etc., I'll consider it primarily non-commercial so you don't miss out on the magic.  I really like the photos and textual content of his piece about Cuba, and the gallery includes some interesting categories — cowboy, south, picnic, heroes, toxic, punk, premiere, jazz, and mix. Great photos and artistic presentation — this guy is good and his collaboration with artist/designer Jason Zada and several others has produced a real winner...
  • The BradLands 10/14/01 
    Description: an attempt to justify the time I spend online... an exercise in vanity... part newspage, part journal, substantially link-o-licious and definitely me
    Comments: Brad's outta town 'til the 17th, which is probably a good thing.  By the time he returns to find out his site was today's daily pick, the weekend will have passed and hopefully, he won't notice that he didn't get that much additional traffic from being linked here.  Though I pick a site every day, 7 days per week (now at 972 days in a row and counting), my traffic is much heavier Monday through Friday than it is on the weekend.  That's why I've been mentioning the weekend daily picks in the news during the week.  Anyway, you'll know that Brad's site was picked before he does — big deal!  Brad's entertaining personal site has around a long time.  I think he's one of limited number of web people who were "weblogging" before "blogger" and other similar tools became available (I could be mistaken on that).  Brad's a writer and admits that his site is not standards-compliant.  "If you are looking for cutting-edge web technology, please consider looking elsewhere. I am not a web designer, nor have I ever claimed to be."  That's fine with me, though, because I think he writes well — an interesting sense of humor and plenty to say about a number of things.  Check out the "Junk Drawer" to be amused — how many people do you know who actually bought a bottle of salad dressing for one of baseball's biggest stars?  I didn't think so.  And the "Words" section leads to some more of Brad's writing, though much of his work is not re-published on his site — "The rights to much of my feature writing, particularly for regional and national publications, are held by the original publishers and cannot be reproduced here."  Oh well — even without that stuff, there's ton's of content there for you — it's "Must-See HTTP://" ...
  • GroupC 10/3/01 
    Description: installations exploring experimental interaction with images, reactive electromechanical sculpture, high resolution digital prints, and screen-based interactive software
    Comments: Today's pick features the work of Casey Reas, a recent Masters graduate of the MIT Media Laboratory, Aesthetics & Computation Group.  His major was Media Arts and Sciences and his work is highly academic on one hand, while simply visually pleasing on the other hand.  His installations have been exhibited at a number of places, both offline and online — some of his most recent stuff is currently featured at singlecell, which just happens to have been a daily pick back in July.  Simple machines, living organisms, biological systems, synthetic neural systems, behavior, and movement are the types of things that Casey looks into rather deeply — great colorful graphics, showing interesting variations in form and space are what I see, pure and simple.  Art and science seem perfectly combined in Casey's unique studies of media...  Newstoday®]
  • the pixel-lab 10/2/01 
    Description: interactive web art, you can control (Java/Shockwave)
    Comments: Today's pick adds to the list of search results for the word "pixel" — if you're a regular visitor who reads this silly stuff, you know I'm collecting "pixel" sites.  So — now, a search for "pixel" in the portal cool zone will give you exactly two dozen sites to choose from — yeah, baby!  In today's case, the word is in the name of the site — so is the word "lab" and it's certainly appropriate.  A guy named Elout de Kok, living in Amsterdam, is behind today's pick and serves up an enormous assortment of interactive web-art pieces, using Java and Shockwave.  You'll have to be prepared to use your [back] button a little, though there is navigation back to the main page on many of the pages with smaller, non-resizable pieces.  Many of the pieces are scalable, so Elout does need to fill the window with them, the lack of navigation is understandable — my guess is that's he being sensitive to users who like to stay in one window, so his design choice, as far as navigation goes, does make sense.  If you like interactive color and motion, you'll like this site — you're in control and the diverse collection of "experiments" will keep you playin' for a long time.  There's also some great links and Elout even provides several simple Java applications along with source code for those who would know what to do with it.  Have fun... 
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