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"Old Bath" by Roland Bühlmann
"Old Bath" by Roland Bühlmann
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  • URBAN9 12/29/01 
    atmospheric art (Flash)
  • 12/24/01 
    I write about my live, my work, my kids, my computers, etc., etc. – and I am a web developer...
  • Levitated 12/21/01 
    daily modules of visualization goodness for education, elaboration, and collaboration – commercial free open source (Flash)
  • Privacy Foundation 12/19/01 
    To enhance the privacy of U.S. citizens by informing them of threats to their privacy, by providing them tools with which to protect or reclaim their privacy, and by helping develop the broader ethics and culture of information privacy in the electronic world.
  • flash effects 12/5/01 
    experiments exploring the possibilities of Flash
  • Becoming Human 11/30/01 
    Journey through the story of human evolution in a broadband documentary experience.
  • Visual-Pollution 11/25/01 
    Most of the works are private and underground. Many works, paint work, digitalwork, etc, are exhibited in the view. (Flash)
  • PixelPalais 11/24/01 
    virtual photodiary, flashworks and phototopics
  • this mans life 11/23/01 
    trivial human insight
  • Soluble Fish 11/15/01 
    A quicktime video journal recording the coming and going of story fragments in the image of my/our world. (Broadband)
  • 11/13/01 
    intellectual property of a jaded generation
  • The Rag 11/10/01 
    A humor magazine for the other .0002% of us.
  • Rosy Beyelschmidt 11/8/01 
    works and projects: video installations, videotapes, b/w photography, photo installations, copyart, audioart
  • 11/6/01 
    Essays about the small things that fascinate us, the big things that frighten us, and the crunchy things we like to eat.
  • 10/28/01 
    News for grown-ups – a source of controversy – humor/satire site + discussion board.
  • 10/26/01 
    the art and design of Mary Winn (Flash)
  • michael jang : photographer 10/17/01 
    a pleasant surprise to most viewers of photographic websites (Flash)
  • The BradLands 10/14/01 
    an attempt to justify the time I spend online... an exercise in vanity... part newspage, part journal, substantially link-o-licious and definitely me
  • GroupC 10/3/01 
    installations exploring experimental interaction with images, reactive electromechanical sculpture, high resolution digital prints, and screen-based interactive software
  • Golden Shower 9/29/01 
    the name of the virus behind Markus Karlus and Kevin Rodgers and the monicker by which their music project is known to the public
  • 9/24/01 
    the recreation of the beauty i see around me
  • 9/21/01 
    Its goal is to awaken people of all ages to the problem of hate and intolerance, to equip them with the best tolerance ideas and to prompt them to act in their homes, schools, businesses and communities.
  • transpolis 9/8/01 
    the city as a living, breathing, ever changing organism - a design journey (Flash)
  • Sound of Design 9/3/01 
    Experimental Interaction with an educational focus. (Flash)
  • 8/29/01 
    the photography and art of Jan Schäfer and a place where other people can show their stuff too...
  • pixelgraphy 8/19/01 
    photos by Daniela Börner
  • IM crew 8/13/01 
    showcase of graffiti art from a team of 5 French artists (Flash)
  • DecibelDragon 8/11/01 
    listening to the vibes of creativity - opening the lines of communication
  • RINZEN 7/20/01 
    exists somewhere over the rainbow, bending reality into shapes pleasing to the eye and the ear (Flash)
  • terrorpilot|dot|com 7/16/01 
    v 2.0 – "kill all web designers" – experimental flash portfolio. pain in the neck for the new economy. (mature content)
  • singlecell 7/13/01 
    an online bestiary of interactive life-forms

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